Bezel Information

The Bezel refers to the area of the ring around the center stone as shown.

The Bezel is made up of three parts as shown.

Depending on the ring model you have chosen, you will be asked to select from different bezel types.

PRE-SET BEZELS: These are bezels that have been set up with their molds already cut. The pre-set bezels vary depending on the type and model of ring you have chosen.
(for school rings only):
The design program initially guesses how the standard bezel reads for your school. After you place your order, this is verified by our customer service department and you will be informed if there are any differences between what the program shows and what the actual bezel shows.

As we already have the mold for all schools in the US and Canada, there are no mold charges assigned to these. We have many of the molds cut for international schools but not all of them. If we do not have the mold for your school, you will be notified after you place an order and mold charges may apply. It will be your decision to proceed or not.

CUSTOM BEZELS: This is where you can specify exactly what you want. These will come up with a mold charge as we probably do not have exact format you are looking for.