Our rings are offered in a variety of metals.

This is a non-precious alloy used in the jewelry industry that resembles white gold and stainless steel. It is a very hard, durable metal and very tarnish resistant making it a very good option for our rings. The only drawback is that since the metal is so hard, the finger size cannot be changed once the ring is made.

Pure silver is too soft to use in its pure state and alloy is added to strengthen it.
Sterling Silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy.
Silver does tarnish but can be cleaned with readily available silver cleaners.

Our unique blend of sterling silver. Compared to regular silver, this blend is a harder metal and is more resistant to tarnishing.

Y25 (6KT)
Our low cost yellow gold color metal containing actual 25% pure gold or the equivalent to a 6KT blend.

Pure gold is generally too soft to be used for jewelry so other metals (alloys) are added. The karat system is used to state the amount of pure gold found in an item.

Different colors of alloys lead to different colors overall. Our rings can be ordered in your choice of yellow or white gold. In either case, the karat content is the same. The terms we use are:

10KTY=10KT Yellow gold
10KTW=10KT White gold
14KTY=14KT Yellow gold
14KTW=14KT White gold


Our rings can be ordered in 18KT but we actually do not recommend it. 18KT is still a very soft metal and if you are not careful, you can actually rub away some of the finer details on your ring. However, we recognize that in some cultures, this is the most popular mixture so we do make it available.