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The Cut & Options available on your Center Stone are:

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Premium Facet Cut.
The perfect number of facets on the top and bottom to ensure maximum brilliance.
Smooth Cut.
A smooth solid dome on top and standard facets at the bottom to give an elegant look.
Sunray Facet Cut.
The same number of facets on top as the Premium Cut stones and with special facets at the bottom to give the sunray illusion.
Quadren Facet Cut.
A unique geometry of facets on top for a unique look.
Starburst Facet Cut.
This has the least number of facet cut on top but does not compromise on brilliance.
Stone Encrusting Option.
This is where a thin metal image is set in a carved recess on a smooth cut stone so that the design sits flush with the surface of the stone. This option works best with darker colored stones.
Protected Emblem Option.
This is where an image is placed underneath a transparent smooth cut stone. This option works best with light colored stones.
Peg Crest Option.
Peg crests have posts that go through holes drilled in the stones and they sit above the stone surface.
Collett Option.
A collet is like a Peg crest but with a recess cut into the stone as well.

  • Please note that not all shapes, cuts, options and/or colors are available on all rings models. The design program will only ask you for options applicable to the ring model you have chosen.
  • Colors may not be exactly as shown.