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We recognize that one problem with purchasing a ring online is that you do not get the "feel" of the ring on your finger. To help this situation, we provide our ring chart, which you can print. It displays, in actual scale and proportion, the different ring styles we offer in our school line.

If you don't already have the it, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print this document. When you print it, make sure that the "fit to page" option is unchecked so that the printout comes out at the scale that it was intended. You can verify this by measuring one of the reference bars on top of the sheet.

To get a rough idea of how a particular ring will look on your finger, you can cut it out at the outlines and wrap loosely (leaving a millimeter or two of gap) around your finger. The top, obviously will sit higher and the carvings alone on the shanks typically have around a millimeter of relief depth, so don't take the result too literally.

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