The Ring Designer program helps you to design and view what your ring will look without you having to be a jewelry expert. It allows you to set up as many designs and variations as you like. We encourage you to make and save as many different designs as you like.

Before you start, we recommend that you to browse through the ring models. On our web site, in the Design Center, click on Ring Models or in the Ring Designer, click on Ring Info.

Note that all rings are grouped within four different Collections. Classic, Traditional, Modern and Grand. Rings in the Classic, Traditional and Modern Collections have common characteristics such as shape and style. The rings in the Grand Collection are similar to ones found in the other three but they come with limited choices and options in order to keep their prices as low as possible.

The top of the ring is the most visible part of the ring and it's shape should be your primary design issue. Note how many rings feature a large center stone and text around it. This is called the BEZEL. The bezel can show the school name, company name, etc. If text on top of the ring is not important to you, look at any of the rings without a bezel such as all ring in the Traditional Collection.

Most ring models come in sizes of "Large (his)" and "Small (hers)". These are the most popular sizes. Some models also some in Medium (unisex) and Petit (hers).

The "size" referred to above should not be confused with "finger size". No mater what ring you choose, you get to specify your finger size for that ring. If you do not know you finger size, we provide free ring sizers to help you. Email and ask for one or fill in the form during the ring design process in Ring Designer.

Of course, you do not need to remember any of the options on any ring models. The Ring Designer program will walk you through the design process without you having to remember any options. When you are in Ring Designer, look for (?). These are links to more information about that part of your design.