General FAQ's

This section provides useful information to help you design and order custom rings.

The information is divided into the following sections.

How do I know you are a legitimate business?

The Ring Company has been providing rings since 2001 and we are members of the Better Business Bureau. Click here for our accreditation.

Where are you located?

The Ring Company headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Customer service functions are handled out of offices in New Jersey.

Where are your rings made?

All our rings are manufactured by American companies. We use different companies depending on the type of ring you are ordering.

How can you offer money back guarantee on custom rings? Would you not lose money?

Custom rings cannot be returned to the a shelf in the hope that it will be bought by someone else and we are taking a business risk by offering this feature. However, we do this for two reasons.

  • We appreciate that our customers are taking a "leap of faith" by purchasing from us without seeing samples beforehand. As such we want to give them every opportunity to returns any ring they do not like.
  • Frankly, the rings we provide are of such high quality compared to anything else out there that we regularly surpass the expectations of our customers and as such we get almost no returns.

Can I order just one ring for myself?

Absolutely. In fact 80% of our business is single ring sales to individuals.

Do you have a brochure of your products?

No. We have eliminated all printed brochures by putting all our information on our web site.

I am interested in a model of a ring that I do not see on your web site. Can you help?

Yes. We have access to hundreds of other rings models that we have not yet put up on our web site. Just contact us and show us a picture/sketch of what you are looking for.