Sports Rings

Whether you are looking for a ring just for yourself or for an entire team, the Ring Company can help you design and order your sports/championship ring(s).

Here are the different ring types we have that you can use to develop your custom ring.

Champ Style Bezel Rings

These are similar to the Classic Bezel rings above but they are even bigger. Use these rings models to develop a unique large ring to commemorate your team’s achievement.

Classic Bezel Rings

These rings are our most popular models used for team and sport rings. As we have thousand of moulds already cut for these rings, your team can set up its own championship ring with no tooling or artwork charges.

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Signet Rings

Create a simple ring to identify your sport, team or organization. Ideal for when you want a single design to be shared by all.

Fashion Bezel Rings

Mainly for the ladies, these rings are elegant and fashionable. They have fewer options than the Classic Bezel rings but they still incorporate your team information.

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